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Why Does The PE Stretch Film Appear To Be Broken?

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Why Does The PE Stretch Film Appear To Be Broken?

Why Does The PE Stretch Film Appear To Be Broken?

transparent PE stretch film

New products always have many problems in practice. When problems arise, humans need to use their intelligent brains to find solutions to the problems. If you want to do a good thing, you often need persistence. Super perseverance persists until success.

In the early days, the development of the logistics industry had a low speed of outlets, but now, the rapid development of logistics throughout the country has brought great hope for the development prospects of transparent PE stretch film manufacturers. When the factory is producing transparent PE stretch film, there will be film breakage. What is the situation needs to be analyzed in detail. Even if there are difficulties, as the dream of a company is still there, then we must try to solve the problem.

All things in nature, as long as they are good at making things happen, there is nothing difficult in the world, I am afraid of those who have a heart. After continuous research by PE stretch film manufacturers, it has been found that when PE stretch film breakage occurs, it can generally be divided into three situations: transverse membrane breakage, longitudinal membrane breakage, and clip breakage. The raw materials contain impurities with very different properties, such as low molecular weight, no oil stains, etc., and there are obvious horizontal stripes and bubbles on the cast sheet. Lateral film rupture is due to various inconspicuous film rupture factors that are further expanded before horizontal pulling, sometimes because of waste materials, equipment scratching the film, or damage to the chain clip during the production process, and crushing of the roller surface.

As a PE stretch film manufacturer, the speed of development in the industry has continued to increase, and it has been praised by customers at home and abroad. Reaping benefits At the same time, Hu also continues to provide guarantees for the safety of goods in the logistics packaging industry.




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