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What is the production process of transparent bundling stretch film?

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What is the production process of transparent bundling stretch film?

The transparent bundling stretch film can not only meet the functions of moisture-proof, dust-proof, transparent display, etc., but also increase the attractiveness of the product. It is very popular and supported by consumers in our lives. But everyone knows what are the main details of the stretch film process? 

 1. The entire production process of transparent bundling stretch film is: viscosity control, good viscosity makes the stretch film layer and layer outside the goods stick together to make the goods firm. 

 2. Process conditions: Due to the long and narrow flow channel and fast flow speed, the temperature range of the melt is generally controlled at 250℃~280℃, the temperature of the casting cooling roll is controlled at 20℃~30℃, and the winding tension It should be lower, generally within 10kg, to facilitate the migration of the adhesive and reduce the internal stress of the finished film. 

 3. Control of physical and mechanical properties: high transparency is conducive to the identification of goods; high longitudinal elongation is conducive to pre-stretching and saving material consumption; good puncture performance and transverse tearing strength allow Tianjin stretch film to be high The sharp corners or edges of the goods will not break under the stretching ratio; the high yield point makes the packaged goods more tight. 

 The bunding stretch film is produced by a three-layer co-extrusion casting process, and imported linear low-density polyethylene is used as the main raw material. The various technical indicators of the product have reached the international leading level, and have the advantages of uniform film roll, good tensile performance, strong retraction, high transparency, high tearing strength and self-adhesive at room temperature.




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