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What Is The Method To Identify The Quality Of PE Stretch Film?

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What Is The Method To Identify The Quality Of PE Stretch Film?

What Is The Method To Identify The Quality Of PE Stretch Film? 

PE Stretch film is a new generation of environmentally friendly packaging materials used in the market.Now it has been widely used in bulk goods.palletized packaging, electronic products, communications and other industries. With more and more manufacturers of PE stretch film, The production materials of PE stretch film used by each manufacturer are different. We can identify the quality of PE stretch film through the following aspects.

1.Look at transparency and measure tensile strength

First,Pull the PE stretch film along the length direction.and then pull it in the horizontal direction.A stretch film with good stretchability has a strong impact force.

Generally, the stretch rate of good quality PE stretch film can reach 100%-300%. The casting production method has developed from single-layer to two-layer and three-layer. Now, the casting method is mainly used to produce LLDPE stretched film, and the early LLDPE stretched film is mostly blown. Because the casting line has the advantages of uniform thickness and high transparency, it can be applied to the requirements of high-magnification pre-stretching. Since single-layer casting cannot achieve single-sided adhesion, the application field is limited. Single and double-layer casting are not as extensive as three-layer casting in terms of material selection. Therefore, a three-tier structure is ideal.A high quality PE stretch film should have high transparency, high longitudinal elongation , high transverse tear strength,and measure the tensile force.

2.Measure the thickness, see if there are small particles in the film, and measure the tensile force. 

Crystal point is a common quality problem of PE stretch film, Check whether there are particles on the surface of the PE stretch film.Crystal point refers to the small pits on the surface of the PE stretch film material. it is mainly common on the three- layer PE stretch film material. The main reason is that it is synthesized with silica gel, which has fluidity. If the surface of the stretched film material encounters the extrusion of some small particles, crystal points will be formed. The best way to avoid crystal points is to protect the stretched film. s surface.

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