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What are the specifications and models of the machine stretch film?

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What are the specifications and models of the machine stretch film?

machine stretch film

What are the specifications and models of the machine stretch film? The machine stretch film is a kind of stretch film, which has stronger thickness, stretch rate and ductility than ordinary stretch films. Compared with ordinary stretch film, the specifications of machine stretch film are relatively fixed, only 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 50cm, etc. Mainly determined by the tray or the winding machine hub, the weight will be determined according to the installation size.

 1. Thickness

    The thickness of the machine stretch film is generally thick. The thickness of the ordinary stretched film is between 13 microns and 22 microns, and the thickness of the machine-used stretched film will reach 20 microns to 35 microns. The increase in thickness will increase the mechanical stretch accordingly. Mechanical properties of stretch film. As we all know, if the goods are manually packed, we will pack according to the quality of the stretch film. If the quality is not good, we will slow down to complete the packaging work. The stretched film is mechanically set and runs automatically, and the stretched film cannot work normally if its mechanical properties do not meet the requirements. Therefore, in order to ensure mechanical packaging, the quality of the machine-used stretch film will be improved accordingly, and increasing the thickness is an effective method.

 2. Stretching rate

    We have all heard that the stretch rate of the stretched film is between 200% and 600%... Since the machine-used stretched film is mechanically operated, there are additional requirements for the stretch rate. The current general requirement is 700%, that is, the machine-use stretch film can be stretched for 7 meters without breaking.

 3. Resilience

    Extensibility refers to the rate of stretching in the transverse direction. The raw material polyethylene of the stretch film is linear particles with strong longitudinal stretch ability and weak transverse stretch ability, which obviously cannot meet the packaging requirements.

Therefore, appropriate metallocenes (other density polyethylene isomers) are added to the raw materials, which will increase the molecular weight per unit volume and then strengthen the tension applied in the transverse direction.

 Specifications of machine stretch film:

    2.5 kg 22μm thick 50CM wide about 260 meter

   3.0 kg 22μm thick 50 cm wide about 350 meters

   4.0 kg 22μm thick 50 cm wide about 450 meters

   5.0 kg 22μm thick 50 cm wide about 550 meters

   By analogy, other widths can be calculated proportionally.




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