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What Are The Details Of PE Stretch Film Selection?

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What Are The Details Of PE Stretch Film Selection?

What are the details of PE stretch film selection?

1. Smell the smell of the film. If the smell is strong, the PE stretch film has a sour smell. The stretch force of this PE stretch film is very poor, especially in the low temperature environment, the sealant glued to the carton Will crack, the stronger the smell, the touch feel is very sticky, this kind of PE stretch film will quickly dry out and lose its glue. This is because of uneven glue application.

2. Look at the brightness of the film. Usually the color of the inferior PE stretch film is dark. This kind of film has a very high probability of cracking and poor strength.

3. Look at the color of the film. Generally, the whiter the appearance of the PE stretch film, the less impurities in the PE stretch film, to ensure the normal adhesiveness of the PE stretch film.

4. Looking at the tightness of the film, the processing of the PE stretch film from semi-finished products to finished products is slitting and winding with a casting film machine. There is a strong tension. If the tension is large, the PE stretch film will roll tightly. . The PE stretch film should be rolled neatly according to the convention, so that the rolled PE stretch film has no gaps, and the relationship between the glue and the air is small, which can extend the shelf life of the PE stretch film and preserve the maximum limit of the adhesion force.




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