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The role of stretch wrapping film

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The role of stretch wrapping film

Stretch wrapping film is a winding method in which an elastic film is stretched around a wrapper, wrapped tightly, and sealed at its top end at room temperature. Assembling the stretch film for pallet winding can save energy, reduce winding costs, reduce transportation losses and improve logistics efficiency. So, what is the classification of stretch film?

Classification of stretch film:

1. Manual stretch film, which is a kind of stretch film that is manually wound. Generally, the stretch film has relatively low quality requirements, and the winding weight is about 4KG, which is convenient for operation.

2. Machine resistance stretch film. This kind of stretch film is a mechanical stretch film, which drives the film roll under the movement of the goods. It has certain requirements for the extension of tensile strength. Generally, the elongation rate is about 300%. The volume and weight are generally 15KG.

3. Machine pre-stretched stretch film, this stretch film is wound by mechanical means. When wrapping, the wrapping machine first stretches the wrapping film to a certain ratio, and then winds it on the goods to be wrapped.

There are many stretch blown films in the early days, from single-layer to two-layer and three-layer. At present, LLDPE stretched films are mainly produced by first-class stretching methods. Because single-layer casting cannot achieve single-sided bonding, its application fields are affected. limit.

Single-layer and double-layer pouring do not have three-layer pouring in material selection, and the formulation cost is very high, so three-layer co-extrusion structure is ideal. With the improvement of film production equipment and processes, the advantages of multi-layer wound films, which are conducive to improving product quality and reducing product costs, have become increasingly prominent. At present, the single-layer structure of the stretch film has gradually decreased.

Stretch wrapping film




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