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Stretch Film Information

What is Hand Stretch Film?

Hand stretch film is considered any stretch film roll that is easily applied by hand. Most hand stretch film rolls weigh less than ten pounds. Hand rolls can come in a variety of widths, but the most common widths are 15 and 18 inch wide rolls. Hand stretch rolls can be applied with or without a stretch film dispenser. The dispensers often have a braking system to help obtain a tighter stretch when applying the film. Our hand pallet wrap comes with a standard 3 inch core size allowing rolls to easily fit any dispensers. View the different hand stretch wraps to choose from below.

Hand Stretch Film (3 inch Core)

This is a standard gauged stretch film that is comparable to any other brand of true gauged stretch film. It is made with a cast extrusion process that uses rollers to cool the film as it is extruded.

This enables a faster extrusion process than blown extrusion, therefore making a more affordable stretch film. Our hand stretch wrap offers excellent stretch, strength, and clarity for a variety of applications.

Micron Hand Stretch Film (3 inch Core)

Our micron stretch film is what we refer to as an equivalent stretch film. Many experts predict a shift in the stretch film industry to equivalent films. They are produced from a different formula than the standard gauged film. This formula allows the equivalent film to be thinner, stronger, and stiffer than standard gauged stretch film.

Many companies welcome the idea of lowering overall stretch costs. We recommend trying a sample if you have never tried an equivalent hand stretch wrap. This will allow you to make an accurate assessment of the film and if it is right for your needs.

Pre-Stretched Hand Stretch Film (3 inch Core)

Pre stretched hand stretch film is a great option to consider. Pre-stretched film is a standard 80 gauge stretch film stretched to within 10% of its maximum stretch potential. This stretching enables less energy exertion when applying the wrap. Instead of pulling hard to reach maximum stretch potential, only a tenth of the energy is required to apply the film.

Some drawbacks of pre-stretched film include a decrease in cling and a decrease in the ability to tightly pull product boxes on loads together. Because the film is already within 10% of its maximum stretch potential, you cannot wrap the film too tight.

We recommend pre-stretched hand stretch wrap for lighter loads or loads that will not be experiencing high transportation stress.

Colored Hand Stretch Film (3 inch Core)

Colored hand pallet wrap comes in a variety of colors to help color code or easily identify pallet loads. Our color tinted stretch wrap is a tinted film that can be seen through. We also offer opaque stretch wrap in white and black that cannot be seen through after a couple of revolutions around the load. Great for protection and concealment of shipments.             

We offer a variety of stretch film dispensers to assist in applying your stretch film. Our standard gauged stretch film offers up to a 300% stretch rate. The ability to have a braking system when applying the film is important to eliminate waste. 

You can film stretch film technical data and specialty stretch film options by clicking on the links.




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