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Quality inspection of stretch wrapping film

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Quality inspection of stretch wrapping film

How to detect the quality of stretch wrapping film, stretch wrapping film is widely used in the sales and transportation of various products, stretch wrapping film is also called stretch film, toughness and retraction force are two major standards for measuring the quality of stretch film If the quality is not good, the protection effect will not be achieved after the packaging is completed. So how should the quality of stretch film be tested?

1. A micrometer can be used to detect stretched film. It is difficult to accurately grasp by visual inspection alone. Since the diameter of a hair is about 7 filaments, the sensitivity of hand feel is difficult to reach. Some people use a scale to weigh the weight of each roll. In fact, the thickness of the bottom paper of the maintenance film and the glue are different, so it is difficult to accurately grasp the thickness of the 9-filament film because a layer of glue is applied to the reverse side, so it should reach 11-filament instead of the stretched film with glue. A total of 9 silk.

2. Knead the glue-coated side of the PVC reverse side of the stretched film to make the glue and glue tightly bond, and then pull it away. Note that the stretched glue filament between the glue and the glue does not exceed 0.2 mm. This way , The possibility of degumming of the stretched film during use is extremely small.

3. The thickness of the PVC mask is also very important, because it is related to the impact force received by the maintenance film, usually the thickness of the stretch film is about 9 filaments. If it is required for deep carving, the thickness of the film should be corresponding The increase of, otherwise it will be broken down and damage the processed object.

When you buy stretch wrap film, you should conduct a series of tests on the quality of stretch wrap film. Stretch film is very important for packaging products, and its quality will directly affect its role. Therefore, when selecting stretch wrap film, it is necessary to detect its quality through professional methods, which can better protect the product from damage.

The cost of raw materials, labor and electricity, equipment depreciation, etc. of the stretch film is transparent in the industry. It is not normal for the price to be too low or even lower than the cost. If you buy the products of ZHX stretch film manufacturers and carry out By comparison, you will find that the nature of the product and its usage are quite different.

The brand-new, high-quality original used by our factory, no return material. The paper tubes are pure paper tubes without any impurities that can increase the weight. At present, the weights on the market are marked as mixed, cement pipe cores, and even mixed with gravel.

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