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Packaging effect of stretch wrapping film

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Packaging effect of stretch wrapping film

Stretch wrapping film is a kind of transparent, elastic, high-strength, non-toxic and odorless polyethylene plastic film, which meets the international environmental and health quality standards. It has the advantages of toughness, puncture resistance, transparency and self-adhesiveness. No matter it is used for stable packaging of goods or cargo pallets, it can be waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, reduce labor costs, improve efficiency, and achieve the purpose of protecting goods and saving costs.

The stretch wrapping film is strong, has high durability and penetration strength, good self-adhesiveness, transparent, does not increase the volume of the goods after packaging, is shock-resistant, waterproof and moisture-proof, and has strong protection. It is a very popular packaging in the world. form. Stretch film is widely used for wrapping food, tobacco, medicine and other products.

There are various types and functions of stretch film. PE stretch film is one of the most important components in the packaging industry. The characteristic of PE stretch film is packaging products, such as cellophane, plastic film, and various types of conformable films. Or a few solid goods are unwrapped and wrapped, the stretch film can not only improve production efficiency, but also prevent the goods from being damaged during loading and unloading, and has the functions of wear-resisting, dust-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof and cleaning.

Stretch film does not require heat shrinkage in the packaging process, which is beneficial to save energy, reduce packaging costs, facilitate container transportation, and improve the logistics efficiency of goods. The "integrated loading and unloading" method combined with pallets and forklifts reduces transportation costs. At the same time, the high transparency also facilitates the identification of the packaged items and avoids delivery errors.

Production and processing conditions. Casting method is produced because of the long and narrow runners, and the fluidity speed is relatively fast. The melt temperature range is usually controlled at 250℃~280℃, and the temperature of the casting cooling roll is controlled at 20℃~30℃. The winding tension should be low, usually within 10kg, to facilitate the migration of the viscous agent and at the same time reduce the internal stress of the finished film.

Stretch wrapping film




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