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Influencing factors of the viscosity of stretch wrapping film

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Influencing factors of the viscosity of stretch wrapping film

The viscosity of PE stretch film is closely related to the shelf life. The viscosity is the viscosity of the stretch wrapping film. The viscosity depends on the firmness of the goods. The stretch wrapping film packaging must be actively developed to improve its quality and efficiency.

At present, most of the packaging machines in food and medical packaging consumer equipment are relatively backward products. In addition to increasing the speed, it is also necessary to improve the versatility of the pillow packaging machine so that it can be matched with the metering device to integrate bag making and filling. Filling, printing, and counting are integrated, and it can also consciously correct, consciously alarm to maintain the effect, and reduce loss.

Stretch wrapping film is a packaging method that uses mechanical stretching devices or manual stretching of the film to force the deformation stress to wrap the goods at room temperature for transportation and storage.

Since it is produced at room temperature, the storage environment should also be stored at room temperature. The stretch film should be stored between 15℃-25℃. The stretch film viscosity, puncture resistance and tensile strength at this temperature are better. Yes, in line with packaging requirements.

If it is lower than 15°C or higher than 30°C, the viscosity may be slightly worse. In order to use the stretch film, you should choose to keep it between this temperature. Only by paying attention to temperature changes when storing the stretch film, can the temperature be avoided. The loss caused.

In winter, our stretch film should be kept indoors to avoid ventilation, but it should be turned once occasionally to prevent moisture. In summer, our stretch film should also be stored indoors to avoid direct sunlight, but indoor ventilation should be maintained to keep the air flowing. , Prevent the indoor temperature from being too high and thus affect the viscosity of the product.

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