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How To Choose A Machine Stretch Film Supplier?

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How To Choose A Machine Stretch Film Supplier?

How To Choose A Machine Stretch Film Supplier?


Suppliers play an important role in the supply chain, and the selection mechanism of suppliers is diversified. Therefore, when selecting suppliers, corporate decision makers must adapt to local conditions and conduct a detailed analysis of the internal and external environments of the company.

1. Quality factors of machine stretch film

High-quality machine-stretched film suppliers are the foundation of the supply chain. The use value of products is based on product quality. The choice of machine-stretched film should consider the effect of end consumers. The high-quality machine-stretched film has high transparency. High strength tear resistance, shrinkage rate, and puncture performance. While protecting the goods, and prevent the goods from causing damage. Therefore, quality is an important factor in selecting a supplier of machine stretch film.

2. Machine stretch film price factors

Low prices mean that companies can reduce their production and operation costs, and have an obvious effect on improving their competitiveness and increasing profits. They are an important factor in selecting suppliers. The unit price of machine stretch film is generally calculated in kilograms. The current market stretch film suppliers range from 8 yuan to 17 yuan/kg. The main factors for judging the quality of stretch film are: stretch force and viscosity. 8-12 yuan machine stretch film generally can stretch to 1.8-2.0m from 1 meter, 12-14 yuan stretch film generally 1 meter can be stretched Stretching to 2.5-3.0m, the stretch rate of Shenzhen Zhanhuixin machine stretched film is above 70%.




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