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What is the upper die step of PE stretch wrapping film?

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What is the upper die step of PE stretch wrapping film?

PE stretch wrapping film is a kind of packaging material used for packaging and packaging. It has a strong stretching effect. A 1 meter film can usually be stretched to between 3 and 5 meters. It is usually used for packaging logistics and transportation. The main characteristics of the industry are environmental protection, easy to use, and not easy to fall off.

The pe stretch wrapping film relies on the coiling force and retraction of the film to compactly and fixedly bundle the goods into a combination, which is a combination of scattered large and small items, and the goods will be intact even in a harsh environment Saved, there is no sharp edges and stickiness, which can effectively prevent damage to objects and personnel. Today, I will introduce to you the filming steps of PE stretch film.

Film application steps of PE stretch wrapping film:

1. Laying ribs, arranging through ribs at the position of the pressure regulating pad of the edge holder

2. Flow hole, the upper mold punches out the flow hole to discharge waste and waste liquid

3. The upper die pressing surface is the same size as the pressing surface of the blank holder

4. To determine the height of the upper mold, first look at the required closing height. Divide the closing height into three equal parts and place them on the blank holder, lower mold and upper mold respectively. If there is no closing height requirement, it can be preliminarily determined to be 750 and 800. files

PE stretch film can not only meet the functions of moisture-proof, dust-proof, touch-proof, transparent display, etc., stretch film, especially irregular shaped items or combined packaging of goods, but also increase the attractiveness of the product appearance, and can also be used as a substitute Various cartons not only save packaging costs, but also conform to packaging trends




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