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Why does PE stretch film fold?
PE stretch film should be in a flat and smooth state during normal use. If wrinkles appear, it will also hinder its viscous performance. The packaging of goods is not only unsightly but also not tight, and cannot protect the goods. Therefore, you must take appropriate measures. Measures to produce P
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How to check the quality of wrapping film?
How to detect the quality of stretch filmStretch film is widely used in the packaging and transportation of various products. Stretch film is also called stretch film. Toughness and shrinkage are the criteria for measuring the quality of stretch film. If the quality is not good, then you will not ac
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How to distinguish between stretch film and plastic wrap?
Many people don't know how to distinguish the difference between plastic wrap and stretch wrap, or even how to distinguish their uses. Today, ZHX stretch stretch film manufacturers will tell you how to distinguish stretch film and cling film.Many people have a misunderstanding about stretch film. Ar
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