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How To Prevent The Aging Of Stretched Film?

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How To Prevent The Aging Of Stretched Film?

The stretched film has a limited use time. As the use time increases, if you observe carefully, you will find that the product is slowly aging. At this time, the quality of the product will be seriously affected. And the destruction of the external environment (light, heat, wind and rain, etc.) is also increasing the progress of aging. Therefore, if we want to delay the aging progress of this product, we need to do some work. Here are a few items:

1. Stretch film should be placed in a ventilated and dry place;

2. The product should be stored to avoid contact with some sticky things;

3. The product should be stored away from chemical agents to avoid corrosion by chemical agents;

4. The storage of the stretched film should prevent the sun from being exposed to the sun as much as possible;

5. The product should be stored as much as possible to prevent erosion by heavy rain, and to prevent storage in wet areas.

6. The product should be stored in a place with good hygienic environment as much as possible.

Generally, the aging of the stretched film is mainly manifested in the appearance. The aging surface is sticky, gradually hardened, brittle, discolored, spotted, or torn, so as long as the product is found or felt If a similar phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to check it. Don't procrastinate. The delay will bring about the increase of the aging degree of the product. It must be replaced after a long time, and it can no longer be used. Of course, through the above methods we can delay its aging rate, we must take preventive measures in advance.




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